19-24 July 2021, Ventspils, Latvia
July 27th, 2021

The contest is now over! Results are now available on the Results page.

Instructions for national organizers

What national organisers should know about the IOL 2021 contests


- Contestants of each team must gather in the same place for both the individual and the team contests. For the individual contest, contestants of the first and the second team can be in the same room. For the team contests, each team has to be in separate rooms. 

- The exam rooms must be provided by the national organizers. They should allow the contestants to sit at least 2m apart. The invigilator should have physical access to each contestant. There should be a clock in the room and toilets nearby.

- The exam room must have internet access for remote invigilation.

- There will be a six-hour (for the individual) / four-hour (for team contest) window, during which the contest must start for all teams. The exact window times are available here: https://iol2021.org/schedule/

- The contestants must remain in the exam room for the entire duration of the contest. No late arrivals or early departures will be allowed. Only one person at a time can leave the room for a toilet and will be supervised by the invigilator. In case of an emergency (e.g. medical), the national organizers should appoint a supervisor for that student, so they do not communicate with anyone until the end of the contest.

-  An independent invigilator, appointed by the jury, will invigilate the contests in person, while a jury member will invigilate remotely, using equipment arranged by the invigilator. 
- National organizers will be connected with the invigilator one week before the IOL 2021.

- Contestants will receive the problems on paper and write solutions on paper, as always.

- National organizers must provide writing paper with a specified header printed. A template will be provided by the LOC one week before the IOL 2021.

- National organizers must provide water and food for the contestants and the invigilator during the contests. This should be accessible without leaving the room (preferably distributed before the contest.) Preferably it is placed already on each contestants' table but it can also be located on a separate table in the room.

- If a contestant has a question during the contest, he/she raises a hand and asks it to an invigilator who forwards the question to the Jury. 

- If possible, we ask the national organizers to provide the invigilator with a scanner, so the answers are sent to the jury immediately after the contest in as good resolution as possible.